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Round Table

Polemics: Women, Media, Politics

At this intersection of catastrophe and hope, feminist methodology and media activism are illuminated as movements that convert and organize the paradigm of ordinary, daily life. In addition, we will attempt to discuss diverse observations on women's involvement in political agendas in Korean society. This Round Table will be an opportunity to discuss in full the political involvement of diverse women and the institutionalization of gender differences in political space and in media.
Date April 22 (Sun) 7:00 PM
Place Sinchon Artreon 1F Little Theater
Moderator KIM Eun-sil (Professor, Ewha Womans University)
Panel Paula MARKOVITCH (Director of The Prize )
GASHA Kyoko (Director of In the Moment )
Leena MANIMEKALAI (Director of The Dead Sea, Poet, Actress)
PARK Sung-mi (Director of Hope Bus, A Love Story, Media Activist)
Chil-wol (Slut Walk Korea)