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Film Inside: Special Lecture on Mexican Women's Cinema
Mexican Women's Cinema, the History and New Wave

This year, the IWFFIS offers a special lecture on Mexican women's cinema as well as its history, aesthetics and young directors' new wave. Adriana Castillo, the director of education at the Guanajuato International Film Festival, will introduce the history of Mexican women's cinema and discuss how female film professionals have expanded their territory in the Mexican film industry. While the program will screen some extracted scenes from new female film directors' works which have attracted audience's attention by their original themes and aesthetics, she will also have a talk about the recent trend of Mexican women's cinema.
Date April 23 (Mon) 7:00 PM
Place Sinchon Artreon 1F Little Theater
Moderator HONG So-in (Programmer, IWFFIS)
Lecturer Adriana CASTILLO (Director of Education, Guanajuato International Film Festival)
Panel Paula MARKOVITCH (Director of The Prize)