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‘Actress, Muse with a Movie Camera’ highlights the cinematic world of actresses who became directors. In Korea last year, Korean actresses PANG Eun-jin and KU Hyesun directed two feature films that were introduced to the audience, and another actress YOON Eun-hye displayed her delicate directing touch in the short film The Knitting. This special program consists of films that capture the aesthetic possibilities emerged when actresses who previously existed as images on the screen direct the depiction of women by standing behind the camera. This program explores this recent trend in Korea, as well as the flow of French film, which has a long tradition of actresses turned directors, and films from Canada and North America.

This year's special program ambitiously introduces the muse of the French Nouvelle Vague, Delphine SEYRIG. Having worked with world-renowned directors such as Alain RESNAIS, Francois TRUFFAUT, and Luis BUNUEL, she was known to express deep emotions through reserved movements and tone by controlling exaggerated movements and passionate speech. SEYRIG’s acting style is most notable in Chantal AKERMAN’s Jeanne Dielman. One of SEYRIG’s major films and a classic among French women’s cinemas, Jeanne Dielman will be screened at this special program. SEYRIG not only worked with top women directors such as Chantal AKERMAN and Marguerite DURAS, but was also a feminist director herself. Along with Carole ROUSSOPOULOS, who led pioneering feminist documentaries in the 1970s, she also directed progressive documentaries. SEYRIG’s film Be Pretty and Shut Up contains interviews of actresses who worked with the French Nouvelle Vague and Hollywood directors.

In this historical context and current trend, IWFFIS will introduce noteworthy French actress and director Noémie LVOVSKY. Together with Julie DELPY and Agnes JAOUI, LVOVSKY is one of the major French actress-directors, but she is relatively lesser known in Korea. LVOVSKY’s film Camille Rewinds unravels the sense of loss in life that a woman in her 40s confronts through a unique medium of time travel.
A new film by Sarah POLLEY, who began to make her mark as a unique cineaste through Away From Her and Take This Waltz , will also be screened in this section. One of the most beloved actresses in Canada, POLLEY surprisingly came back with Stories We Tell , a personal documentary that uncovers a family’s secrets. This documentary explores not only the (im)possibility of capturing truth and memory, but also the narrative’s domain constituting personal identity. It is truly a pleasure to look into the beautiful and philosophical world of POLLEY’s films once again through this documentary. A short film by Guinevere TURNER, an actress who wrote the screenplays for Go Fish, American Psycho, Itty Bitty Titty Committee , and the American TV series The L Word, will also be introduced in this section. [HONG So-in]

 Film List (7)
Be Pretty and Shut Up
 Director : Delphine SEYRIG
 France | 1976 | 110' | Beta | color/b&w | Documentary

SynopsisDelphine SEYRIG interviews 24 French and American actresses including Jane Fonda, Barbara Steele, Ellen Burstyn, Shirley MacLaine about their professional experience as women, their parts and their relations with stage an ..

Jeanne Dielman
 Director : Chantal AKERMAN
 Belgium | 1975 | 203' | 35mm | color | Drama

Jeanne Dielman is Chantal AKERMAN 's 1975 experiment in film form, an astonishing work of subtextual feminism. As esteemed critic Manny Farber noted, AKERMAN’s portrait of the daily household routines and self ..

Perfect Number
 Director : PANG Eun-jin
 Korea | 2012 | 119' | D-Cinema | color | Drama

Seok-ko is an ordinary math teacher unlike his previous fame as a promising genius. One day, he finds that Hwa-sun who lives next door to him, accidentally kills her ex-husband. Having secretly observed her, Seok-ko p ..

Stories We Tell
 Director : Sarah POLLEY
 Canada | 2012 | 108' | 35mm | color/b&w | Documentary

In Stories We Tell Polley is both filmmaker and detective as she investigates the secrets kept by a family of storytellers. As each relates their version of the family mythology, present-day recollections shift into n ..

The Peach Tree
 Director : KU Hye-sun
 Korea | 2012 | 106' | D-Cinema | color | Drama

Sang-hyun and Dong-hyun were born as conjoined twins with two heads sharing one body. For 30 years, the two have lived in a remote house with their father, who tells them not to go outside the property while Sang-hyun ..

Camille Rewinds
 Director : Noémie LVOVSKY
 France | 2011 | 116' | HD,DV,HDV | color | Drama

When she was sixteen, Camille met Eric and fell madly in love with him. They had a daughter together, and the three of them led a happy life. Then, 25 years later, Eric leaves Camille, saying that he is in love with a ..

The Knitting
 Director : YOON Eun-hye
 Korea | 2012 | 12' | HD | color | Drama

After the break-up with the lover, the remains of the memories that are almost forgotten but still all remembered are observed when she knits. Threads that are never easily connected and the wounds on the hands, they ..