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Asian Short Film & Video Competition

This section will screen 19 films chosen out of 230 submissions from India, Pakistan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Iran, the Philippines, Israel, Japan, and Korea. The selected lineup this year is notable in the fact that they deal with various subjects including the (mis)communication between international marriage migrant women and their mothersin-law, traveling women, global women laborers, the identity of the 880,000 won generation (also known as the 1,000 euro generation in other parts of the world), spectacles of everyday lives, the sexual crisis of middle aged women as well as long time feminist issues such as patriarchy, sexual harassment, and the bond among women.

Mary Kay Grand Prize Cash awards of ₩10,000,000 and a medal to the best short film or video
Mary Kay First Prize Two cash awards of ₩5,000,000 and medals to the outstanding short films or videos
People's Choice A medal award to the short film or video chosen by the audience


Preliminary Juries

BAE Juyeon
Graduated from Sogang University and majored in Film Studies at Korea National University of Arts. BAE currently works as a programmer at Cinema Sangsangmadang and lectures at Korea National University of Arts, Department of Film Studies.

LEE Suk-gyung
Born in 1964, Seoul. Lee Suk-gyung is a founder of ‘Jummane’, an online community for middle-aged women. She made shorts such as In sight (2003), The funeral of Mrs. Kim (2003), 38-year-old Lori (2004), A short walk (2006) and On Sunday Afternoon (2006). Her first feature film The Day After was invited to 2009 Berlin International Film Festival and received NETPAC Prize as well as Special Mention at the 45th Pesaro Film Festival.

Cho HyeYoung
CHO finished her doctoral course in Film Studies from Chung-Ang University. She used to be a programmer at Green Film Festival in Seoul and currently works as a programmer of IWFFIS. She co-directed Mamasang: Remember Me This Way (2006) and served as a producer of feature documentary 3xFTM (2008) and short film Keep Walking (2008).

Jury of Finals

Born in 1970, Jakarta. She won Best Promising New Director Award in Asia Pacific Film Festival for her first feature film, Ca Bau Kan (2001) and her next film, Arisan! (2003) has been screened in more than fifty film festivals around the world with many awards. Dealing with controversial issues such as homosexuality or polygamy in conservative Islamic society, she becomes one of leading women directors in Indonesia. She also won Best Director Award at 2007 Brussels international independent film festival for Love for Share (2006).

Helen LEE
Born in 1965, Seoul and immigrated to Canada. She graduated from Toronto University, Department of Film and English Literature and got M.A. in Film Studies from NYU. As Helen Lee’s shorts such as Sally’s Beauty Spot (1990), Prey (1995) and Subrosa (2000) were screened at International short film festival Oberhausen and Clermont-Ferrand, she became one of the most promising Canadian women filmmakers. She made her feature debut with The Art of Woo (2001) and short film Hers at last (2008), which was one of the 10th Anniversary Project “Ten Ten” of IWFFIS. She also worked for DEC, a film/video distribution company in Toronto and lectured at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

KIM Young-jin
Ph.D. in Film Studies from Chung-Ang University. Kim Young-jin worked as an editor in「 Cine 21」and editorial board member in「 Film 2.0」. He currently serves as a professor at MyongJi University and has written numerous books including「 Changho Lee vs. Changho Bae」,「 Youngwhaga Wonhanun gutdul (What a Film Desires)」and so on as a well-known film critic.

PARK Chan-ok
Born in 1968. Park Chan-ok graduated from Hanyang University, Department of Film and Theater and got M.A. at Korea National University of Arts. She won First Prize and People’s Choice Award at 1st Int’l Women’s Film Festival in Seoul for To be and made her directorial debut with Jealousy is My Middle Name, which brought her New Currents Award at PIFF and VPRO Tiger Award at Int’l Film Festival Rotterdam. Her recent work Paju with critical acclaim opened Int’l Film Festival Rotterdam 2010.

BAE Su-ah
Born in 1965. Bae Su-ah graduated from Ewha Women’s University with a degree in Chemistry. She made her debut as a writer with 「A Dark Room in 1988」. Since then, two anthologies of short fiction 「Green Apple on National Highway」and 「Hool」and many novels including 「Rhapsody in Blue」, 「Donkeys」, 「A Northern Living Room」were published with critical acclaim. She is also a translator of「 Angstblute」




Feature Film Pitch & Catch Grants for Development & Pitching (for selected 5 projects to pitch)
Artreon Award (for a best project)
Audience Award
Documentary Film Pitch & Catch Grants for Development & Pitching (for selected 5 projects to pitch)
Documentary Ock Rang Award (for a best project)
Audience Award

The 12th International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul, whose motto is friendship and hospitality, launches Pitch & Catch program this year. Being a public pitching event to introduce talented film projects to the film industryites including potential investors and producers, Pitch & Catch will run in two sections; narrative feature film and documentary film. Designed as a ‘public pitching of contents in the stage of planning or development,’ the ‘Narrative Feature Pitch & Catch’ will be held for producers and directors regardless of their genders or experiences aiming to find and support prospective film projects and talents. This section is supported by Artreon, a company that cares about culture and art development and social contribution. On the other hand the ‘Documentary Pitch & Catch,’ designed as a ‘support program for women documentaries,’ will be an extension of Documentary Ock Rang Award, turning it into an open pitching event. This section will continue the spirit of Documentary Ock Rang Award which tried to find and support women documentary filmmakers yet to be discovered. What is noticeable in this Pitch & Catch program is that it is strengthening the connection with the film industry and opening its door to men filmmakers. That is to say, Pitch & Catch will be a symbolic event for this year’s festival illuminating the festival’s catchphrase ‘Hospitality and Friendship’ and opening its door to various film industry sectors. During the submission period by the end of last January, 49 narrative feature projects and 19 documentary projects were received. Among these, 5 narrative feature projects and another 5 documentary projects were selected through the preliminaries. These 10 projects will receive a supporting grant of 1 million KRW each and the opportunity to participate in the ‘Pitch & Catch LAB’ education program, which will help them prepare for the final selection. The final stage of ‘Pitch & Catch’ will be held during the festival and open to film professionals. The two best projects chosen in each section will each receive a 15 million won cash award and all the projects in the final selection will be provided business meeting chances with film professionals.
※ This event is limited to invited film professionals.




The 12th IWFFIS will launch the Network of Asian Women’s Film Festivals (NAWFF) inviting Taiwan Women’s Film Festival, Tokyo International Women’s Film Festival, and Chennai Samsung Women’s Film Festival as the founding members. These festivals each recommended one Asian woman director’s film produced within the past 2 years. Among the four films recommended, one film with new insight and future prospect about Asian women films will receive the NAWFF award.




Intent on supporting the practices of feminism through filmmaking, the Women’s News Award is given to one of the collectives or individuals whose works are featured in the Girl's on Film section.
Trophy and cash prize of 1,000,000 won.